ZOÉ T. : SPECTRES ET AUTRES APPARITIONS – Optical Sound Installation
presented at PAVED Arts (2016), Centre L’ÉCART and Centre BANG (2015)

Five sound generators in which the soul source of sound is the light. The process that I use is based on the principle of Optical Sound and Graphical Sound developed in Soviet Union in the 1930s and developed further by Daphne Oram and Norman McLaren in 1940-50. Each ‘Optical Sound Wheel’ consists of a base equipped with a 26” acrylic disc with cutouts of repeating geometric patterns. When the wheel rotates, the light beam passes through the cutout patterns, producing a distinct pulse of light. The photodiode, placed above, catches the light and transforms it into audible frequencies.

Images Devin McAdam and mhc

Realisation by Canopée Medias