VIDEO INSTALLATION BY Carole Nadeau – Le pont bridge
SOUND DESIGN: Martine H. Crispo.
PRESENTED AT La fonderie Darling

Freely inspired by Heiner Müller’s Quartett

Laclos’s “Dangerous Liaisons”, in Heiner Müller’s version, presented by aging, naked bodies projected onto transparent screens. The eroticism of decay, the ecstasy of utter exhaustion, the ravages of lust, openly displayed but without the strength for satisfaction. A simplicity of gesture, an everyday action killing time, while it kills us. The beauty of the bodies, lingering impulses of lust, impulses inflamed by loss of faith, declining standards and degenerating organs. The battle is lost in advance; decay is never reversible. A statement that is both political and organic. Does capitalism contain the seeds of its own destruction?

Le Pont Bridge stands at the crossroads of theatre, installation and video, exploring the interrelationships between body, speech, space and image. Founded in September 1993, Le Pont Bridge is a multidisciplinary cell dedicated to multidisciplinary creation. Keeping an eye out for technology, and relying on a playful, small-scale and inventive approach, Le Pont Bridge creates urban fables that act on the senses and perceptions of the viewer.


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