Ding Dong Deluxe


UNDER THE NAME OF Algojo)(Algojo
Ohm Éditions, Avatar, 1994

Five short pieces published on a compilation cd presenting pieces of only 20 seconds or less. Over fifteen artists participated in this cd curated and produced by Jocelyn Robert. Ding Dong deluxe was the first compact disc published by the audio-art artist-run center Avatar, founded in Québec in 1993 by Jocelyn Robert with Pierre-André Arcand, Christof Migone, James Partaik and Charles-Eric Savard

A short sound works compilation. How is it that the shortest sound pieces are almost always over 60 seconds long? That there are nearly none under 30 seconds? That nothing happens under 15 seconds except for jingles? Isn’t it an occasion for an attempt, a risk, an exploration, a sound search? AVATAR invited some artists to submit projects that dare enter the forgotten sound territory hidden between the instant and the brief.