For over 20 years, I have been a sound artist and composer for multidisciplinary productions. Based in Montreal, my focus as an audio artist is in live sound performances. For the past few years, I have been modifying the electronic circuits of old educational children’s toys and building my own frequency generators. My work also encompasses motors, electromagnets and optical sound. My solo work has been presented in galleries and festivals in Canada, the United States and Europe, notably at the Centre for Contemporary Arts CCA of Glasgow, Scotland, at the International Performance Arts in Odense, Denmark, the Festival d’Avignon in France, the Bent Festival in New York, MUTEK in Montreal, the Suoni Per II Popolo Festival and the Festival Mois Multi.

I have also been active for over two decades in creating live radio performances with the biweekly show, Chaud Pour Le Mont-Stone. These radio performances function as a true sound laboratory where everything happens live. It is pure live radio – nothing hidden, anything goes, everything is played and broadcast live – through improvisation with both analog and digital machines, physical objects and radio microphones.

I collaborate regularly with local artists throughout Quebec. Most recently, I worked with Marcelle Hudon on her recent creation Le pavillon des immortels heureux, an installation piece that features various automatons that are animated by inaudible frequencies presented at the gallery OBORO in Montreal. Also, I worked with Carole Nadeau on Le project Quartett de H. Muller, a live video installation presented at the Fonderie Darling in May 2011. I also designed and performed the music and sound for Le Mobile, presented at the Mois Multi 11 in Quebec and the Espace Libre in Montreal and in Mexico. In collaboration with the musician Bernard Falaise, I composed and performed the music for Marcelle Hudon’s show, Poursuite, presented in Germany, France and Montreal. I also collaborated with Les Filles Électriques to present Le miracle de Brahmine,  La mariée perpétuelle and the Cabaret DADA : Freak Show at the Festival Voix d’Amériques 2011.