Le pavillon des immortels heureux


CREATED BY Marcelle Hudon in collaboration with Maxime Rioux
PRESENTED AT Galerie OBORO during the Les trois  jours Casteliers Festival 2014, Montreal
Sound design : Martine H. Crispo

Le Pavillon des immortels heureux is an installation piece that features various automatons that are animated by inaudible frequencies. Light-as-air puppets are attached to speakers and small engines and seem to be manipulated by an invisible force, as the modulation of sound frequencies vary their movements. Their vibrant shadows express all at once nature’s sensuality, its fighting spirit and its vitality.

Marcelle Hudon has been working with puppets for over 30 years. Fascinated by the symbolic powers of objects, puppets and manipulators (shadow puppets, cameras, images, objects, ideas, words and sounds), she creates performances that are both visual art and performance theatre.

For this piece, she works in collaboration with Maxime Rioux, who for many years now has used inaudible low frequencies to animate acoustic instruments. Hudon and Rioux share an affinity for the spontaneity of wonderment.

Please, click on the link to the see the video https://vimeo.com/92515955