CURATED BY Emmanuel Madan
BROADCASTING free103point9 Online Radio, New York
In collaboration with Paved Art

Four sound artists are each invited to create an unchanging radio broadcast. Reacting to a radio culture which accustoms us to the division of time into a grid of discontinuous slices, “Simulcast 1.0b : Saskatoon” proposes to renew radio’s link with eternity. It asks four artists to provide a sound, only one sound, which broadcasts continuously and unchangingly for a period of between six and ten hours each night on www.free103point9.org.

“Simulcast 1.0b : Saskatoon” is curated by Montreal-based sound artist Emmanuel Madan, at the initiative of the Saskatoon media arts production centre Paved Arts. The webcasts are hosted by free103point9, a New York-based nonprofit arts organization devoted to Transmission Arts. Webcast nightly on free103point9 Online Radio on April 1 – 28 2008. http://www.free103point9.org/events/1911

Artists : Martine H. Crispo , GX Jupitter-Larsen , Magali Babin , Harold Schellinx