BêTES NoCTurnes

Listen an excerpt here

CURATED BY Nancy Tobin
PRESENTED AT  La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse  Montreal

BÊTES NOCTURNES : Hear the mutant urban sound beasts hiding in La Centrale Gallery

For one night only, sound artists project out on St-Laurent street the sounds that shift our quotidian experiences: they are repetitive, electronic, random, strange, and yet so distinctively animalistic.

It’s dark in there but if you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of those rare mutated creatures of the night, through the window of the gallery-become-zoo. The best time to hear the beasts is after sunset (10pm), before sunrise (5am). Bring your lawn chair and binoculars. Anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, and field recorders are welcome to this rare opportunity to witness animals improvising with lo-fi poetics.

Sound beasts : Magali Babin, Myléna Bergeron, Martine H. Crispo, Nicolas Dion, Chantal, Dumas, Nikki Forrest, Anna Friz, Jackie Gallant, Anne Françoise Jacques, Martin Tétreault, Nancy Tobin.